The Process

At SGE Capital, we enact our proven process to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate analysis of your company. We begin with a methodical assessment of your company and capital portfolio to determine the specific needs of your business. By focusing on the minutia we can measurably increase the possibility of access to funding. Our attention to detail and full disclosure on the part of clients work in tandem to shorten the assessment process and expedite the deal.

  1. Consult with client to understand financing objectives
  2. Review and analyze financing request package and identify obstacles, gaps and challenges.
  3. Structure a financing proposal that meets clients’ needs
  4. Using our industry expertise and contacts, review the deal with key strategic lenders with risk appetite for the structure presented
  5. Facilitate negotiations for optimal financing
  6. Upon approval, we work with all parties’ lawyers, accountants, lenders, appraisers, environmental consultants and structural/mechanical building inspectors on the client’s behalf to obtain funding.

The Steps of the Process

Analyze Financing Requirements

We look in depth at your business, industry, company operations, strengths and weaknesses, funding needs, and credit risk profile. Based on the specific requirements of the above criteria, we assess your company’s qualification and make recommendations to prepare your company for financing.

Client Agreement /NDA

SGE Capital provides you with a formal Client Agreement and NDA that outlines our services, scope of engagement and applicable fees.

Executive Summary for Capital Institutions and/or Alternative Lenders

We create your Executive Summary that includes a detailed description of:

  • Your business (structure, model, etc.)
  • Your capital history and future projections
  • Your industry and the competitive landscape of the target market
  • A Financing Proposal that features specific sources and uses of financing
  • Credit Structure (terms and conditions of financing, documentation, security requirements, etc.)

Introduction to Capital Institutions and Alternative Funding Sources

Utilizing our extensive network, we make available all capital resources in your target marketplace. Using the above Executive Summary and your business objectives we source and secure the best financing solution for your business.

Structuring the Deal

SGE Capital’s experience helps us ascertain a client’s bottom line and where there is room for negotiation based on the company’s risk profile. Our deals are struck with the interests of you, the client, and the lending institution in mind to assure both parties are satisfied.

Term Sheet

Term Sheet Once a lender is interested in financing your business, they will provide a brief document outlining the terms and conditions of their offer, subject to credit approval. The turnaround time varies depending on the complexity of the deal


Capital negotiation is a skill gained over many years; it cannot be learned from a book or overnight. SGE Capital is your practiced negotiator whose goal is to optimally structure your deal and certify its successful close.

Signing and Acceptance

SGE Capital acts as your consultant, creating a smooth process through which there is full transparency regarding procedures. We also provide unparalleled assistance in finalizing details and ensuring an efficient and successful close of the deal. Our service continues long after your deal has funded, we are always there for our clients.

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