Small Business Loans Toronto

At SGE Capital, we work exclusively with small businesses to help you get the capital you need to start, restructure, or expand your small business. We want to see your business succeed by gaining you access to a Canadian Small Business Financing Loan (CSBFL).

We serve small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of industries:

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Environmental, Clean Tech and Waste Management
  • Healthcare and Biotech
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Manufacturing, including Metal and Steel Fabrication, Precision Machining

Our vast network of traditional and alternative lenders allows us to gain access to capital no matter the industry you work in or the size of your company. We act as an advisor in all capital areas that you can rely on throughout the lifespan of your small business. Whether you need a CSBFL to start your company, grow your business or restructure internally, we see your small business loans as just the beginning of a long-term business relationship.

Why choose SGE Capital to secure your small business loans?

We have access to traditional financing and alternative financing options to ensure your Toronto small business loan is the best for your needs. Our process of securing a lender allows us to see inside your company and helps us find a unique solution that can only be discovered through an in-depth review and understanding of your business.

We are experts in commercial refinances and purchases in the range of 1 million to 30 million and have contacts at every capital institution that can help expedite your loan and get you favorable rates. Clients turn to SGE to find favorable new business loans to finance their inventory, equipment, and construction projects, restaurant financing and other unique scenarios that require deep problem solving and creativity.


In order to qualify for a small business loan there are several general prerequisites you must fulfill. They include:

  1. you must own a property
  2. you must have a credit score above 680 on equinox and no bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  3. you must have at least 25% of the loan amount available in accessible equity / cash

The Steps of the Process:

1. Evaluation and Discovery

We look in depth at your business, industry, company operations, strengths and weaknesses, funding needs, and credit risk profile.

2. Letter of Proposal

SGE Capital provides you with a formal Letter of Proposal that outlines our services, scope of engagement and applicable fees.

3. Executive Summary for Capital Institutions and/or Alternative Funders

We create your Executive Summary that includes a detailed description of:

  • Your business (structure, model, etc.)
  • Your capital history and future projections
  • Your industry and the competitive landscape of the target market
  • A Financing Proposal that features specific sources and uses of financing
  • Credit Structure (terms and conditions of financing, documentation, security requirements, etc.)

4. Introduction to Capital Institutions and Alternative Funding Sources

Using the above Executive Summary and your business objectives we source and secure the best financing solution for your business.

5. Structuring the Deal

Our experience helps us ascertain a client’s bottom line and where there is room for negotiation based on the company’s risk profile. Our deals are struck with the interests of you, the client, and the lending institution in mind to assure both parties are satisfied.

6. Negotiations

We are your practiced negotiator whose goal is to optimally structure your deal and certify its successful close.

7. Term Sheet

Upon the successful completion of the deal, lenders advise us within 4 to 8 weeks the terms of the capital agreement.

8. Signing and Acceptance

SGE Capital acts as your liaison, creating a smooth process through which there is full transparency regarding procedures. We also provide unparalleled assistance in finalizing details and ensuring an efficient and successful close of the deal.

From discovery to signing on the dotted line, we work with small businesses every step of the way to gain the capital you need to grow your company. Come see why SGE Capital is the capital partner your small business needs. Your small business loans are just the beginning – we are excited to begin this partnership with your company and help you grow.

Let's Grow Your Business