Equipment Financing

Equipment financing for Toronto businesses

Are you looking for equipment loan to purchase equipment for your business? SGE Capital has assisted small and medium sized businesses with tailored financing options for procuring equipment without using cash or working capital.

With the economic uncertainties that face many businesses, equipment financing is becoming an effective financing option.

Equipment financing can be used to purchase:

  • construction equipment
  • machinery
  • specialized technology
  • commercial vehicles

To gain a competitive advantage over competitors in a growing industry, small and medium-sized businesses have an increased need to purchase equipment to expand operations. SGE Capital has built a reputation for our creativity and ability to address all issues related to equipment leasing and financing needs.

Why consider equipment financing?

Equipment loans are attractive as business owners can receive 100% equipment financing without a down payment allowing businesses with limited funding to acquire equipment that could not otherwise be available. By procuring equipment though financing, businesses can grow their revenues and stay competitive.  With equipment financing, business owners can mitigate the capital risk by purchasing equipment operations needs to achieve a return on investment that can pay down the loan in the future.  Business owners can also preserve their cash and use it in other core areas such as marketing.

Why choose SGE Capital?

  • No personal risks involved because we do not take your personal assets as collateral. Instead, we use new equipment you have purchased as collateral for the loan. Therefore, when you use commercial equipment financing, you can have peace of mind that your personal assets are safe.
  • Over 40 years of cumulative experience – helping businesses with their equipment financing
  • Longstanding relationships with a large network of lenders – ensuring terms and payment options most suited to your budget and needs.
  • Partnerships with a multitude of professionals such as accountants, lawyers and capital professionals who we consult with on your behalf.
  • Peace of mind – we hold your hand from start to finish.  Until funds are in your bank account.
  • Our quick execution and detailed analysis allows for accurate identification of optimal deal structures and expedited processing

At SGE Capital, we are dedicated in helping Toronto businesses acquire equipment financing that will help them achieve their growth and strategic objectives. Our services are customized to meet your specific needs and provide the competitive edge to succeed. Over the years we have built a strong reputation among our clients, through out commitment to customer service and transparent processes. Contact SGE Capital today at 1 800-SGE-9493 to discuss your equipment financing needs, or fill our our convenient contact form online.

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