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SGE CAPITAL INC. is Toronto’s #1 commercial financing firm dedicated to working with small and medium-sized business owners to secure the financing they need throughout the life cycle of their business; from breaking-ground to expansion. No matter the project or the funding required, we help businesses that are seeking: traditional bank loans, commercial mortgages / refinancing, capital project financing, mezzanine lending and private funds from non traditional lenders to achieve their strategic and growth objectives either through organic expansion, acquisitions or re-structuring.

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Traditional Bank Financing

Working with major financial institutions across North America to provide access to capital.

Capital Expenditures

Looking to finance a capital expenditure? Let SGE assist in financing your growth.

Business Transition

Finance a business transition with SGE Capital. Click here to learn more!

Alternative Financing

Asset based lending including: inventory and receivables as well as other assets…


SGE Advice acts as a consultant to identify issues that may hinder business growth, negatively impact finances, and drive down enterprise value.
We know you have a great business, and we help lenders understand that value by keeping their offers competitive. We bring our business acumen and knowledge of your industry to the table for you. We work on your behalf to negotiate and secure the best deal for your business or property.
Our combined 40 years of experience in commercial banking. We have the expertise to tackle the most complex of financing scenarios.
Our quick execution and detailed analysis allows for the accurate identification of optimal deal structures and creative funding solutions. SGE Capital is persistent in recognizing and mitigating any potential risk to your application.
We provide you with feedback quickly
We will always be upfront and provide advice that is right for our client's needs.
We work with a multitude of lenders and professionals such as accountants, lawyers and financial professionals who we consult with on your behalf.
We are flexible in order to best serve the needs of our customers. We are only satisfied when you receive the best financing for your project.

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Commercial financing solutions for businesses


I hired SGE because my bank kept delaying my request for extra credit.. They had all my documentation but kept giving me the run-around when I tried to confirm a timeline. Eventually, a fried told me about SGE Financial and I thought I would give them a shot. They proposed a better structure to meet my needs and were able to fund in 3 weeks. Thank you SGE!!

Dr. Shameed – GTA

SGE Capital was very professional in all of their dealings with us. We were skeptical at first because we had a great relationship with our bank. The team at SGE explained they would run a transparent process and allow us to make our own decisions on the best offer. They delivered on what they said and we were so happy to save a full percent off the interest rate our bank was offering!

Nikki from Toronto

I banked with my lender for over 10 years. When I asked for more money, they wanted me to provide them with Review Engagement financial statements. When I spoke to my accountant, he said that would be expensive and seems excessive for my business. He recommended I speak with financing expert at SGE. They got me more money with less reporting requirements. I happily recommend their services.

Jason T - Hamilton

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